Executive Editor
The Coloradoan (Fort Collins, CO; 25,000 circ.) Dec. 2011-present

Have I mentioned how much I love community journalism? The ability to get your arms around the needs of a community, interact with residents, tell the tales they'd like to see and point your resources towards the problems that need resolved is heady, fast, important and fun. It's hard work that never lets up, but with the right team, we've been able to make the Coloradoan one of the most innovative and community-driven news outlets in the company.

The Times-News (Twin Falls, ID; 20,000 circ.) Feb. 2011-present

The return to community journalism has been exciting. The ability to work directly with the entire news operation has allowed us to make rapid strides in short amounts of time. In addition, I believe in intense engagement with our readership, both online and off — being in a community daily has allowed me to more easily take the pulse of the region and create the most compelling product for them.

Assistant Managing Editor
The Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, UT; 130,000 circ.) Aug. 2004-Feb. 2011

Along with coaching a large staff of seasoned journalists at a metro daily, I played a key role in the strategic direction of the news organization. I spent a lot of time working with editors, production staff and reporters to teach them to be responsive to readership trends in their reporting. (Hired as AME/Presentation in 2004, online and niche duties added in 2007, title reflects current duties as of 2009.)

Managing Editor for Presentation
The Independent (Grand Island, NE; 24,000 circ.) Nov. 2003-Aug. 2004

During my second tour in Grand Island, I was able to reconnect with community news on a senior level. One of the gratifying things about working in a smaller environment is that it's easy to institute changes and more quickly measure the response from the public.

Design Director
The Sun News (Myrtle Beach, SC; 50,000 circ.) May 2000-Nov. 2003

At the time, Myrtle Beach was one of Knight Ridder’s incubators for talent, and as such always had a stockpile of talented and ambitious journalists. I managed a staff of seven visual journalists and learned how to be a key player in a middle-management environment full of excellent editors. (Note: Hired as a page designer, promoted to design director 4 months later.)

Copy editor, entertainment editor, graphics editor
The Independent (Grand Island, NE; 24,000 circ.) April 1998-May 2000

Although my first job in Grand Island was as a copy editor, I didn't stay in that position for long. I became the entertainment editor after creating a free tabloid that proved to be years ahead of its time. Before I left The Independent, I was designing the front page, coaching stringers and acting as a one-person graphics staff.

Adjunct Professor
Hastings College (Hastings, NE) Aug. 1999-May 2000

During my time at The Independent, I also served as an adjunct professor at a 4-year liberal arts college. In this capacity, I was able to preach what I practice, and teach budding communications students the importance of writing in the business world.