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Josh Awtry is Vice President of Content Strategy for the USA TODAY NETWORK. He helps lead strategic change throughout hundreds of local newsrooms and at USA TODAY by melding audience trends and data analysis with newsroom strategy. His team’s goal is to accelerate the transformation to a consumer driven, sustainable model where we focus on delivering unique, high-value journalism and information to the communities we serve.

Awtry's background is in community journalism. Prior to his current role, he was the vice president for news in Gannett's Carolinas region and the executive editor of the Coloradoan before that. He was named Gannett's innovator of the year for 2012 for his work reinventing community newsrooms. Awtry holds a B.A. in communications and a B.M. in music performance from Hastings College. He has served in newsrooms across the nation from Nebraska to the Carolinas, Colorado, Utah and Idaho.

Awtry's work in newsroom innovation has been featured nationally by, among others, The Columbia Journalism Review, The Society for News Design and The Poynter Institute. He believes in rich dialogue between news outlets and the communities they serve by listening to in-depth data and old-fashioned discourse. Through audience analysis and open ears, news teams can focus their resources on the enterprise journalism that matters most to lead and improve a community.

He received Gannett's Innovator of the Year award for 2012 for revamping the way a newspaper interacts with its hometown. He has also received back-to-back awards for editorial innovation in 2012 and 2013 from the Colorado Press Association.